Seattle Lifestyle Session - Colleen, Stephen & Isaac

June 08, 2015

I love lifestyle sessions.  I love bringing the life in people's homes into the light of my camera lens and letting reality shine through, not just posed and perfect but the real and the vibrant and the hilarious and the quiet.  

I met up with Colleen, Stephen and little Isaac a few weeks ago just after Isaac turned one.  They wanted photos to document the happy occasion and when I suggested a lifestyle session as opposed to the typical one-year photos she was happy to make that choice.  I can tell you all about how much I loved the photos and these three and all those kind of things but instead Colleen was kind enough to write about her experience:

"Working with Ali was so comfortable and exactly what I had hoped for when we decided to do our photos at home. I wanted to capture our family in the place we spend the most time together, just being ourselves. I have to admit that I was a little worried our home wouldn't look great in photos, but I don't regret my decision at all. I would highly recommend doing lifestyle photos in your home to anyone. After the first five minutes of adjusting to having a camera snapping I hardly noticed Ali was there. Ali didn't give us any directions on how to pose, instead she just peacefully documented the three of us doing exactly what we would normally be doing on a Sunday afternoon, having fun together. It was so easy and especially nice to not have to worry about getting Isaac to smile at just the right time."

As I mom I love this moment when Isaac fell down and immediately ran to his mom.  Seriously this photo makes my heart swell.

"Looking at the photos today I can't help but smile and occasionally tear up at how real and beautiful these pictures are. These images represent who we are as a family and the joy we bring each other. Ali beautifully captured the love and adoration my son has for me and my husband, his silly, happy-go-lucky attitude, the happiness being a dad brings to Stephen and the awe I have that I get the privilege to be a mom to this sweet boy. Many times I have told my husband that I wish a camera was always rolling so we could catch the little moments that go unnoticed. The sweet embrace when Isaac runs into my arms, the way Stephen patiently plays with Isaac or Isaac's "up to no good" expressions. These photos are exactly that and I will treasure them forever. Thank you Ali, for giving us this gift of memories of who we are, right in this moment, just as God intended."

This wasn't a ploy to get someone to tell me how great I am.  This is a pleading to tell your story just as it is.  This is the hope that you have photos you love and of the one's you love.

Thank you for the invitation into your home you three, it was my honor.

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