Minnesota Engagement Photos - Anne & TJ - Bluewater Lake

June 23, 2015

The question of whether or not Anne & TJ "met" at camp is one that is up for debate.  They both grew up at Bluewater, spending weeks of their summers on it's beautiful beach, swimming in it's crystal clear waters and making lifetime friends.  Just not each other, yet.  

It wasn't until a road trip to a conference that Anne recognized TJ again, and TJ hoped she would recognize him again and again.  Through a few random encounters and a week at camp serving together, Anne still wasn't quite sure.  But a magical thing happens on summer staff and not so very long ago Anne and TJ really truly met each other at camp.  

And on a rainy Saturday two weeks ago, in the same spot near the beach where they had their first "I like you, you like me" conversation, TJ knelt down and, soaking wet, asked the world's best "I love you, you love me" kind of question, sealed with a diamond ring.

 Congratulations friends, I hope this next year brings about so many fabulous memories.  Thanks for agreeing to an impromptu engagement session!

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