Amy & Reid - Snoqualmie Falls Engagement Session

July 23, 2015

Do you ever make time for something that might be hard and might be rushed and might not be all you had hoped and then it turns out awesome?  That was the story of Snoqualmie Falls for Amy & Reid, and not just in regards to their sunrise engagement session on their only free day on the West Coast before heading back to Massachusetts.  

Last December, on Christmas Day, Reid had planned on "casually" stopping by Snoqualmie Falls to "pick up a gift for his mom."  All the while, heart racing, knowing he was going to ask Amy to be his forever love.  He figured on Christmas day the falls would be deserted and they would have only the romantic mist watching them.  Turns out, that is not at all what happens on Christmas Day at the falls.  After finally finding a parking space in the cold, rainy middle of the day, Reid asked an under-dressed Amy to go for a walk.  Her enthusiasm was left wanting but she went, not knowing they were fighting the crowds of people, searching for a perfect proposal spot.  Long story short, the rain and lack of good hiking shoes didn't stop Reid from kneeling on a muddy trail and hoping she'd say yes.

Fast forward to Sunday morning at sunrise, in hopes of beating the heat and the crowds at the falls Amy & Reid walked and laughed and smiled with no interruption and with renewed enthusiasm.  Honestly, these two giggled around each other like they knew a secret everyone else was missing out on.  And truthfully, for those longing for love that says "I love you" even in the cold, wet, muddy trails of life, they probably do.

Amy is a geologist so instead of going with a traditional stone in her ring they chose a watermelon tourmaline that fades from green to white to pink.  How beautiful is that?!?

The bend in the trail right behind them is where Reid proposed!

Congratulations you two!  I'm so excited for your September wedding!

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