Garrett & Megan - Woodinville Lavender Farm Wedding

July 27, 2015

Garrett & Megan are made for each other.

That was the resounding theme of their entire wedding day.  From the notes filled with years worth of Valentines Day cards they each left for each other before the wedding to the message and chosen readings during the ceremony to the heartfelt toasts of loving family members.  No one there questioned it, it's just a fact, that Garrett & Megan are made for each other.  

It's not their "sameness" that makes them so integrally matched but more their commitment to a greater perspective on their love story.  They embody a stillness of love that isn't stationary but it is peaceful, slow and mature, not eager to jump from place to place but confident in the direction it is going without the need to prove it every moment of the day.  It's the way they first went on a date at a lavender farm in the San Juan Islands and the lavender fields in France where Megan spent so much time, making the Woodinville Lavender Farm an obvious choice for the next, seamless chapter in their story.  It's the way they practiced waltzing in a tiny apartment to "La Vie en Rose" to make their first dance both effortless and timeless on top of being extravagantly romantic. 

It was the way Garrett looked when he first saw Megan, as if in that moment everything from here to eternity had been set right.  It was the way Megan giggled a little when he spun her around because she knew he thought she looked as beautiful as she felt.  It was all these things and more that made the day feel endless in the best way possible.  As if Megan & Garrett invited each person there into a story they had been begging to tell and at the end of the day everyone wanted to hear it just one more time.  

This was a wedding made for marriage, made for the existence of love and devotion and faithfulness in all the big spans of time and all the tiny moments.  This, dear friends, is true love.

 Congratulations Megan & Garrett!  I hope Maui is fantastic and I simply cannot wait to share the rest of these photos with you as you two start the rest of your lives together.

I want to give a great big thank you to Adrien Craven of Adrien Craven Photography for second shooting with me!

Venue - Woodinville Lavender Farm
Florals - Althauser Design
Catering - Twelve Baskets
Coordination - Kelly Stevenson

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