Normandy Park Engagement Session - John & Sara

July 04, 2015

Maya Angelou once said, "I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh."  If that is the case Sara and John have trust that will keep them safe for a lifetime.  These two are complete goofballs and they are completely smitten with each other.  Their laughter is contagious but so is the sense of peace and joy that they embody around each other.  

Above and beyond the love that they share for each other, they epitomize a laid-back nature that is not careless, instead it is built on a bigger perspective that allows them to let the little things roll of their backs.  That was made evident when our engagement shoot took us on a little longer hike than I had thought, and a small camera malfunction on my part made the hike twice as long.  John and Sara just kept smiling, laughing at each other and complimenting the scenery.  

I am so excited for their August wedding because it will be beautiful and heartfelt and full of laughter.

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