Matthew + Kelsey // Redmond, WA Wedding

April 25, 2016

Have you ever read a story, in which the main characters set out on a specific path with specific goals but those goals go sideways and then they find each other and end up in love?  Of course you have, we all have.  But, have you ever lived that story?  Have you ever met people who were so certain their life would look totally different than it does now but they wouldn't have it any other way?  If not, let me introduce you to Matthew & Kelsey.

These two live lives that exude confidence that every unexpected twist and turn life has taken them down has been orchestrated by God so that on one fateful day, Matthew went to pick up an extra shift at the climbing gym and met his forever path.

Matthew & Kelsey believe in faith, hope and love, strong leadership and servant hearts.  They take risks and are totally safe with each other.  They value the people in their lives above themselves.  They are fierce friends and not to mention, absolutely crazy about each other!

This first look absolutely slayed me.  They were giddy like little kids on Christmas morning!
I love getting the chance to capture the moment right after they walk out of the ceremony, it's always such a gorgeous moment and this one didn't disappoint.
I love that Grandma Pat was learning all about SnapChat filters!  This was some of the best laughter of the whole night!
Originally we had planned on doing golden hour photos but the clouds and rain had a different plan, so instead we found some epic light in the women's bathroom :)
Congratulations friends!  I am honored to be part of your journey and ecstatic for the next steps you two are taking.

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