How do you stay mad at that face?

April 21, 2011

As many of you know, Noah and I live with an amazingly generous and kind family from our church.  Aaron and Beth have two boys, Nathan and Josh as well as corgie puppy named Wrigley.  Now Wrigley goes by many different nicknames, depending on the person and situation and frankly it's a little bit funny if you think about it.

Joshy - "Wigwy"

Nathan - "Wrigley or Wriglet"

Aaron - "Wrigs or puppy dog"

Beth - "Emulating whatever cute voice her children just called the dog in, because her kids are cute"

Ali - "Wiggles"

Noah - "Wriggles"

Now those are the names when the dog is being good or just being called.  In more stressful or tense situations his other aliases become blaringly apparent.  Like when he barks at the mere thought of something happening outside his one-foot tall viewing range, "Quiet" "Shh" and "Dog" become common monikers.  When he refuses to leave the driveway despite the impending 3000 pounds of metal about to run him over, "Moron" becomes a likely identifier.  As with all puppies the association with the word "No" becomes often as common as their own name making the two synonymous and undoubtedly confusing.  But no matter how ridiculous or frustrating he is, at the end of the day he looks up at you and smiles, and it's hard to stay made at this face.  (Especially when he's such a good model for me to try out my 50mm F1.2)

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