A Novel Idea...

April 13, 2011

I'm not specifically a cat person.  I mean I grew up having cats my whole life and I love them but it has always been Noah and my dream to have a lab.  We look up dogs on petfinder whenever we can and we dream about going on hikes and hunts with a great chocolate lab.  We argue over names, he wants Bono and I want Walter Cronkite (we could call him Cronk, that's funny) and we realize if we get a girl dog we cannot think of what we'd name her, so suggestions are welcome.

All that dreaming is fun, but the truth is we actually own a cat.  When Noah and I got engaged I was looking for a dresser on the facebook marketplace and instead I found someone who was giving away kittens!  I convinced him to come "just look" and from then he was hooked.  Noah is not a cat person but as he will tell you, it's hard not to be a kitten person!  So, he picked out which kitten he wanted.  He picked the runt of the litter, the feisty one that was dominating all her brothers and sisters because he knew when we moved to Chicago there would most likely be a mouse issue and a cat would be a reasonable solution.

So we took this teacup sized ball of fuzz home and just marveled at how cute she was!  Now came the hard part, naming her.  As mentioned above, naming pets is not something we easily agree on, so our kitty went by a few names for a while.  At the time Noah was on a real Rob Bell kick, so he picked Nooma, if you know Rob Bell you understand that.  I just wasn't feeling it, so I suggested something literary or political or something silly.  Then it came to us when we were literally naming things we saw, lamp, book, carpet, tv, Grand Forks Herald.... aha!  Meet Novel...

She likes helping edit photos, or basically just trying to chase the mouse around the screen.

The sad part is, when we left Chicago we had to leave her at my parents' place in Minnesota 'just for the summer,' but the living situations we have had since June haven't left room for cats.  As of now she's lived away for almost a year and trust me Dad, we will take her back just as soon as we get our own place!  

So now I'm that lady that blogs about her cat, I promise not to tell you how intuitive she is or how she might be a little bit psychic.  I just miss her, that's all.  And even though he won't often admit, Noah misses her too.

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