John + Tanzi, Maternity Session

April 22, 2011

John and Tanzi have had adventures together all around the world.  Since they met in Switzerland their life together has been a series of calls and journeys that have taken them from Switzerland to Nome to Nicaragua and seemingly everywhere in between.  Now, they are moving towards their next great adventure... Liam.

With ever present questions about the possibilities of moving to New Zealand before the year is up and the uncertainty of what to register for and if they can pack it half-was around the world, one certainty rings as clear as crystal: they love that they are having a baby!

Maternity photography is especially fun for me when I get the privilege of capturing a man's love and awe for the woman who is carrying his child.  Throughout the day John, Tanzi, and I spent in the park that awestruck wonder shone through John's eyes as if the definition of devotion was being actualized.  I cannot wait to see the look on his face when Liam arrives in May.


This is one of my favorites.


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  1. that photo of tanzi on the porch needs to be framed for liam's room. it is amazing and that child will treasure knowing he was loved even before he was. beautiful, ali!


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