5 Tips to Becoming a Better Writer // Showit Live Preview

January 22, 2016

I am beyond excited, and totally nervous, to announce I am going to be a guest on ShowitLIVE this upcoming Tuesday!

For those of you who don't know, ShowitLIVE is produced by the amazing team surrounding Showit, a totally unique website building platform for creative professionals.  Every week they bring on a guest from the Showit community to talk about all aspects of building and sustaining a creative business.

On Tuesday, January 26th at 10am PST, I will be talking with hosts Field Denny & Liz Langford about the importance of honing your skills as a writer.  I fully believe that part of serving your ideal clientele is not only delivering a beautiful product but telling their story well.  I'm going to be going over five tips to help you work on those skills as well as answering questions and making sure you have some great take-away sheets to help you jump start your writing.

You can RSVP here and you'll be notified when the show is going on air.  Also check back here on the blog after the show for handouts, more question and answer time, as well as an embedded video of the show, in case you missed it!

I'm excited to hang out with you and share a little bit of what my background in journalism has taught me.  See you Tuesday!

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  1. Great webcast! I'm a former journalist as well (like so many of us now!), and really loved remembering some of those important points related to writing quality content! Cheers, Katie


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