Camano Island Engagement // John & Laura

January 18, 2016

John and Laura have an effortless kind of love.  It's not the kind of love that doesn't work hard, but it's the kind of love that says everyday, "I'm in this with you, and that's never going to change." as if those were lyrics to their very own song.  And, wow, do these two sing.

John and Laura, both teachers, met while in school at Gonzaga but they didn't get to know each other really well until a trip to teach in Zambia.  Laura learned that John was a caring and compassionate teacher who could make her laugh at a moment's notice.  John learned that making Laura smile could easily become his greatest life's goal and it shines through in their photos.  But they also learned that they both share a passion for connecting with the world outside of their own comfortable circle, sharing a perspective wider than themselves that keeps selfishness at bay.

John, Laura and their puppy Bentley spend a lot of time at John's family home on Camano Island, so in honor of their love of family, we spent the day on the windswept beach and then warm inside their cozy home.
Bentley did his best to steal the show, and it worked, that puppy is way too cute!  You can see why John used Bentley to ask Laura to marry him, who could say no to that face?
A few of Laura's friends were asking if John was going to agree to smile in their engagement photos.  They laughed about this and, obliviously, John did a great job.  But if I were to pick one photo to describe John's face it would be this one.  When Laura laughs or smiles or moves or speaks he looks at her like this.  If he made only one face for all the photos and it was this one, it would be fine with me.
Congratulations friends, it was my pleasure to spend the day with you and I am so excited for your August nuptials.

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