2015 In Review // Weddings

January 08, 2016

I don't even think I have words for 2015, I have never been more grateful for an absolute maelstrom of life.  I began the year as a full time photographer for the first time after adding to our family our curious and adorable son, Jude.  I met people that have not simply become clients but solidified my faith in people and in friendships and in the redeeming quality of love.  

I am always humbled as I look back at the trust people placed in me to come alongside them and tell their love stories, so show beautiful truth in the midst of a dark world.  I know that might seem melodramatic but I truly believe that my job is not simply to document memories or make your love story seem perfect, but to show the world that love wins.  I have seen that the antidote to darkness does not lie in the perfect venue or ideal lighting, but in the longing looks between a new husband and wife, the glances and stares that see a future for better and worse and it's still beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who let me in on your inside jokes and hard stories.  Thank you to those who were honest about how hard it is to plan a wedding long-distance and how joyful it is to marry someone who doesn't even fit the idea of "best friend," but something much bigger.  

Your love is changing the world around you, it has definitely changed me.  

OK, so many of you know that first looks are my favorite, but this first look these two did with their moms makes me beam from ear to ear every. single. time.

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  2. Oh Ali! What beautiful, emotional images! It's been such an honor to have followed your work for several years, and see you really come into your own. Your couples get not only an artist to capture the beauty of their day, but a story teller who captures the emotion of their love. Looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for you!

    1. Thank you dear friend! I am so grateful for you and your constant encouragement!


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