My Chicago Backyard

May 01, 2011

Seeing as yesterday's post was a little heavy and because this is truly a photography blog first and foremost I thought today I would lighten the mood a little.  

This afternoon I got the chance to visit with a former neighbor of ours from Chicago.  Tim and his wife Kari lived two houses down from us and I have to admit, I loved our neighbors.  We often converged at the house between ours, Rick and Erica's place, to hang out by the fire, grill a few burgers, have a drink and talk about life..  More often than not those nights would be impromptu, cued only by the chance of taking the recycling out at the same time.

However, I think we caught up on life the most whenever Tim, Kari, Rick or Erica would see me in the back yard snapping pictures of small bits of beauty in a rather unremarkable backyard.  When we first moved into our apartment I swore the next summer I would make something of the garden, but as time passed I realized the desire wilted faster than any houseplant I've ever attempted to make survive.  So instead I let nature take it's course and took pictures all the while.

I miss all my friends in Chicago dearly, and seeing these pictures reminds me of good times even if they are just pictures of leaves, flowers and the random artifacts left behind by previous tenants.  

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