Matt + Sarai - Snoqualmie Ridge Wedding

May 25, 2011

They say when we fall in love we hear Puccini in our heads, with these two you could have been at the Sydney Opera House listening to Nessun Dorma in person.

So as their big day at the Snoqaulmie Ridge Golf Club began, the possibility of rain and the eventual spraining of the bride's ankle couldn't damper the look in Matt's eyes when he looked at his new bride.  Later in the day, while Sarai's dad Scott gave his toast he teared up while looking right at Matt and said, "I love the way you love my daughter."  That was the theme of the day, two families so full of love for their children that it poured out from toasts to first dances to the details in their cupcakes.

Matt ships out to Afghanistan in July and being a part of this wedding was such an honor, to serve someone so willing to serve our country.  Matt and Sarai were already friends of ours, but Noah and I left feeling like we had been invited into a new family.

You two are perfect for each other, I'm so happy we had the chance to be a part of your day!

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