Jake + Elle - Seattle Engagement

May 26, 2011

When Jake and Elle got engaged the response from most of their friends was "finally!"  But the length of their courtship had nothing to do with the certainty they had about spending their lives together, it just the geographical location never seemed to intersect.  While Jake was in Seattle Elle was in Argentina, and when Elle was home Jake was in Chile, studying to be teachers, studying Spanish but also studying to live in a state of adventure so when the opportunity to co-journey forever would arise, it would be a perfect venture.

They smile whenever they're around each other, like a reflex ingrained so far into their hearts and minds that the mere mention of the other's name renders them jovial.  They laugh at everything and have the kind of positive magnetism that make all the negative just fade away.

We decided to take a few token pictures proving that not only are you a couple but you live in Seattle, and Jake and Elle will get those on their photo CD.  But, while taking those pictures I laughed at the fact the Space Needle was right between them and they were both like, "Hey we should look like we're eating the space needle like a cookie!  One more reason I love these two!

I cannot wait for your August wedding!

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